Creating art with abandon is about letting your creative spirit out to play without concern of the finished piece or outcome.  

When we allow ourselves to create freely it is absolutely amazing what we create!     
I know this first hand!  
Often times all we may need is for someone to gently guide and encourage us.  
There are NO mistakes in art and that is revealed by the end of each class. 

The classes are held in a relaxed and fun environment, usually in my make shift studio, my kitchen that easily transforms into an art studio.  You invite up to 5 friends to come play with you or you are welcomed to create alone.  You choose.
All the supplies, even an apron, are included.  You leave with a finished piece of art that you can proudly display in your home or give as a gift.  This "creative spark" will enhance your life.   The average class is approximately 2-3 hours.  Classes can be scheduled during the daytime or evening. 
Class Price:
$37.00 per person/per class
maximum 6 people

Contact me to schedule or with questions.